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Sometimes you just want things to work.  That's why Wincor Inc., working in conjunction with your local central vacuum dealer, is offering a new planned maintenance program to ensure that your central vacuum works right every time, all the time.

Central vacuum dealers offering the CVac Tracker™ White Glove Maintenance Plan can guarantee that your central vacuum system will function properly each and every time, without excessive downtime or expensive emergency service, for as long as you own it. 

Your certified CVac Tracker™ dealer offers multiple levels of service to ensure that your maintenance costs are relative to your use.  Every level of CVac Tracker™ service includes the maintenance of the pipes using TORNADOPOWER® Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths.  This feature ensures that your entire system is cleaned and tested from top to bottom, inside and out. 


To review, here are just a few reasons why the CVac Tracker™ White Glove Maintenance Plan makes sense for you:


  • Regularly scheduled maintenance can increase operating efficiency.  Keep your system running at max efficiency, now and for years to come!
  • Some Plans even extend the systems manufacturer warranty for as long as it is covered by the plan.  You can keep your system under warranty for as long as you own it. 
  • Reduce the likelihood of troublesome--and costly--service calls.  Preventative maintenance will help eliminate little issues before they become BIG (and expensive) issues.
  • Prolong the effective life of your entire central vac system.
  • Protect against rising costs.  With our Preventative Maintenance Plan, your investment is fixed, and will not change for the duration of the contract period.
  • Plans and pricing to fit any budget.  Discover how easy and affordable it is to keep to keep your system running its best. 


If your system is protected by CVac Tracker™, rest assured that it will work when you need it, and you won't need to lift a finger to keep it that way. 


To locate a CVac Tracker™ dealer near you, use our online dealer locator.  Contact them today, so you can remove "central vacuum maintenance" from your list of things to do. 


If you are currently a TORNADOPOWER™ dealer, and you would like to learn more about our White Glove Maintenance Plans powered by CVac Tracker™, click here here and enter your dealer password when prompted. It is the same password to enter the dealer store. If you need the dealer password please email us your dealership name, address, phone number, your email and your name to customerservice@wincorinc.com, and we will send you the password within 48 hours.